Volkan SARI

Volkan SARI

NftFlamingoArt Project Founder and General Coordinator
Volkan SARI

NftFlamingoArt is an Artist Community Project where 12 Artists are Project Partners with their Own Works.
Our project was born on November 15, 2021 and we started our work.
In our NftflamingoArt Project, we became a team and group of 12 people, together with our 11 Artists and Project Founder and General Coordinator Mr. Volkan SARI, who are currently working in different fields.
We brought together the existing and newly produced works of 12 artists, each of whom is a project partner, and published them both on the Opensea Platform and on our website.
NftFlamingoArt has published 28 Collections consisting of the Works of 12 Artists so far, a total of + 2000 Nft has been published in 28 Collections.
We continue to make new Nfts and works with our project partner artists. We continue to add our new Nfts to our collections as we produce them.


Volkan SARI

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